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Despite the 340km round trip from Luxor to Abydos, it is definitely worth the effort. The temple of Abydos was built under the mandates of Seti I and his son Ramses II. This construction, with a symmetrical facade and numerous beautifully preserved inscriptions and engravings in the interior, reflect the perfection of Egyptian art in its golden age, represented by the part built by Seti I, while also reflecting the beginning of the demise of Egyptian art in the part built by Ramses II.

Later on, you will visit Denderah, a famous walled complex located 55 kilometers north of Luxor. This Egyptian construction represents the world's best-preserved Egyptian site and, although it remained hidden underground for several centuries, French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette rediscovered it about 150 years ago. Denderah is known for hosting a temple of important historical and cultural value: The Temple dedicated to Hathor, who was the daughter of Ra and the goddess of love, fertility, and joy. In addition, a perfect replica of the Dendera Zodiac, a sculpture of 2.5 meters high representing the constellations of Taurus and Libra is displayed on the site. The original construction was moved piece by piece moved to the Louvre Museum in Paris.


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