Fayoum is one of Egypt’s oldest cities, set in the lush Fayoum Oasis and filled with countless natural and historical wonders.

Fayoum was a key Ancient Egyptian city, important for its strategic location and often noted as the city of the crocodile god Sobek, which is why the Greeks referred to it as Crocodophilus. Fayoum was later absorbed by the Roman and Greek Empires.

One of the city’s landmarks is Lake Qarun, a salt-lake that Ancient Egyptians partially drained in order to create a natural irrigation system for surrounding land. Surrounding wildlife adapted to this change, creating a truly unique ecosystem. Bird watchers are sure to enjoy the sheer variety of bird species in the Lake region, including flamingos, grey herons, and varieties of duck.

To say that Fayoum is an old city is an understatement. Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of life dating back to the Stone Ages, as well as an unprecedented quantity and quality of fossils. Notable among these are the whale fossils found in Wady el-Hitan (Valley of the Whales), which is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Inspiring wonder with ancient ruins, pyramids, and obelisks, present-day Fayoum is known also for its picturesque villages, pottery craft, and waterwheels, the latter having established itself as a prominent symbol for the town and oasis.

Local attractions:

  • Wadi el-Hittan
  • Wadi el-Hittan Fossil and Climate Change Museum
  • Wadi Rayyan Protected Area
  • Fayoum Pottery School
  • Lake Qarun
  • Pyramid of Hawara
  • Pyramid of Maidum
  • Tunis Village
  • Gabal el-Medawara
  • Quatrani Mountain
  • Petrified Forest
  • Qasr Qarun
  • Qasr el-Sagha Temple
  • Shakshouk Fishing Village

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