Soak up the sunshine and stunning scenery in Egypt’s most serene of cities - a far cry from the chaos of the capital.

Once the Ancient Egyptian gateway to Africa, Aswan is a laidback, languorous, and steeped in Nubian culture and Pharaonic history.

Surely one of Aswan’s essential features is the River Nile: wide, unpolluted and gentle; dotted with sleepy Nubian villages, verdant isles, and large granite boulders native to the region. Incidentally, these rocks were ancient Egypt’s primary source for sculptures and obelisks, many of which can be found in Luxor, just 130km north along the river.

Much of Aswan is walkable and best explored on foot or bicycle, although the best views are arguably always from onboard a felucca. These include enchanting sunsets, ancient temples and, of course, the timeless elegance of the Old Cataract hotel.

In the many Nubian villages surrounding the city, make the most of Aswan’s colorful souq’s, boasting unique local crafts, as well as warm Nubian guesthouses, serving delicious home-cooked meals and comforting cups of tea.

Local attractions:

  • Souk of Aswan and bazaars along the Corniche
  • Museum of Nubian Civilisation
  • Fatimita Cemetery
  • Unfinished Obelisk
  • Tombs of the nobles and local dignitaries of the Pharaonic period (west bank)
  • Temple of Philae
  • Aswan Dam
  • The Nubian Village
  • Monastery of San Simeon
  • Elephantine Island, ruins of the Temple of Khnum
  • Kitchener Island (botanical gardens)
  • Kalabsha Temple
  • Old Cataract Hotel

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