Egypt is a country both modern and ancient. A melting pot of Greek, Persian, Roman, Arab and Ottoman cultures, it has one of the longest histories of any country in the world: a true cradle of civilisation.

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Egypt is a country both modern and ancient. A melting pot of Greek, Persian, Roman, Arab and Ottoman cultures, it has one of the longest histories of any country in the world: a true cradle of civilization.

At the heart of the pulsing MENA region, Cairo is a modern, cosmopolitan city, and the cultural capital of the Arab world. Egypt is also home to the River Nile, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Western Desert, and the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt offers travelers from all across the world the quintessential Middle Eastern experience: everything from rich antiquity and spectacular natural landscapes to a thriving urban nightlife.


More than 90% of the country is made up of desert, and the climate is generally hot and dry. The sun shines almost every day of the year, and the weather is at its finest in spring (March/April) and autumn (October/November).


The official language of Egypt is Arabic, however, English is the main lingua franca widely spoken by professionals and those working in the tourism sector. This is closely followed by the French.


The official currency is the Egyptian Pound. One Dollar is equivalent to 30.90 EGP and one Euro is equivalent to 33.12. Credit cards are widely accepted although it’s advisable to carry cash.

Local time

The time zone in Egypt is GMT +2.


It is advisable to dress modestly and comfortably in order to withstand the dry Egyptian climate and remain sensitive to cultural norms. Because Egypt is a country where the sun shines all year round, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats are useful protection.


Egyptian cuisine is vegetable-based. Popular dishes include koshari (a mixture of rice, lentils, and pasta) usually topped with tomato sauce and fried onions, as well as fuul (fava beans) and taa’meya (also known as falafel).


An entry visa to Egypt can either be arranged through the Egyptian consular services in your home country or directly upon arrival at the airport in Egypt. The price of the visa is 25 dollars if purchased at the airport and 35 dollars if purchased in your country of residence.

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