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Abu Simbel has located 280 km from Aswan and 70 km from the border with Sudan (almost 40 minutes flight from Aswan). In Abu Simbel tour, you will meet these legendary temples, unique in Egypt for having been carved in the cliff of the Western Desert by Ramses II in the thirteenth century BC.

Many years ago, this magnificent monument was almost lost in unprecedented Nile floods. However, thanks to the efforts of UNESCO, it was moved piece by piece to a nearby location and endures to this day. The main reference point of the complex is the temple of Ramses II, the main façade of which features 4 incredible statues, each 20 meters high, breath-taking in all the majesty of ancient Egypt. Savor the temple both by day and by night, when the lighting is reflected directly on the stone.

As you walk inside Abu Simbel, you will find an extensive gallery and several rooms honoring the many gods of Egypt. You can also find the temple dedicated to Nefertari, wife of the Pharaoh. On the main facade are 6 statues, four of them depicting Ramses II and two depicting Nefertari, of course with different attributes

Afternoon on this magical tour, you will have lots of time to rest and recharge. You may also use your time to continue exploring the historical wealth of these monuments in Abu Simbel.

As the sun sets, you will have to opportunity in the tour to witness the sound and light show, detailing the history of Ramses II, Nefertari, and the extensive work carried out by UNESCO in the process of moving Abu Simbel from its original location in Aswan.


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