Beni Hassan, Akhet Aton & Tuna El Gabal

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This tour consists of visiting 3 points located along the Banks of the Nile River that have huge historical value:

The Necropolis of Beni Hassan is located about 23km from the city of Minya and contains tombs belonging to princes and senior officials of the Nome of Orix who lived in the early XII Dynasty. In total there are 39 graves, some unfinished and those that are finished are not in the best condition as the paintings have deteriorated over the years.

We will continue the tour in the ruins of Akhet Aton, an important archaeological site that once housed, among others, the bust of Nefertiti. Pharaoh Akhenaten, the first monotheist in history according to many historians, ordered for this temple to be built, and in the walls of this building, you can still read about life in this quiet Egyptian city.

Later on, we will cross to the other bank of the Nile River. There you will visit Ashmunein and the ruins of the temple dedicated to Thoth, a building that over the years was converted into a church. You will also have the opportunity to see two Greek tombs full of anecdotes, trivia, and history in the city of Tuna el-Gebel. One of these tombs belonged to a woman by the name of Isadora, while the other is an underground tomb that housed more than two million of Ibis’ mummies.


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